Thursday, May 22, 2008


Andrew is one of the teachers at St.George TAFE. He had an extraordinary experience in his life, he was born in England but he grew up in Australia. He has been to Thailand for a few years, because his wife worked there as an Australian Embassy in Bangkok. During that time, they adopt two children whose names are Nut and Mum. After that, Andrew and his wife decided went back to Australia with too children. Now they are living in Sydney and their children are very happy.
By the way, Andrew also is a prison visit officer for Australian prisoners in overseas jails and he can speak the language of Thailand. His life is interesting and he is a good teacher.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If I could be an animal, I would be...

If I could be an animal, I would be a bird. Because it can fly in the sky. It can look down at world and breathe the fresh air. If I could be a bird, I would around the world. It’s so fun.


A fun thing

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Harmony Day

Australia’s National Harmony Day held on 21 march each year. People celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and to say “no” to racism. The people who live in the world all created equal. All of us need a peaceful place. Harmony day is a great idea to let different cultural people to understand each cultural and to be friendly. I thought that is very good for the world people to be harmony.

City of Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia; it’s in the south-west corner of Australia and is one of the sunniest cities in the world. There are many clean beautiful beaches, excellent for swimming, surfing, boating and fishing.

Most of the city is flat and there are many kilometres of cycle track. The climate of Perth is warm to hot in summer, the average temperature is 29° at daytime, 17° at night. It has cold and wet winter; the average temperature is 18° at daytime and 9° at night. Perth has an average 8 hour sunshine per day.

The population of Perth is 1340000, the people are friendly, relaxed and love the outdoors. They like the sun and water very much. In the weekends, many people cycle around city. Perth is the culture centre of Western Australia.

Perth has several museums and art galleries; it has 4 universities with many students. The main industries of Perth are tourism, grape growing and mining. Anyway, Perth is a beautiful city.

City of Fuqing

Fuqing is a flourish city of about 1.3million inhabitant, located in the southern of China and near the China Sea. It has lots of rivers and lakes. It’s called “town of water” by Chinese.

Fuqing’s climate is changeable. The average temperature is 19 °, but minimum temperature is -1° in the winter, it’s pretty cold. In summer the maximum temperature will up to 40°, so the residents always like to stay a home in this season.

It has a big harbor, the harbor of Jiangying is the very advanced in the world, it has been built recently and it not completely finished really. It’s the most important harbor in China. So the economy is booming in Fuqing.

Fuqing’s people are friendly and helpful. It has many popular country’s tasty food and entertainments. Their lifestyle is busy and competitive. There are many visitors from around the world. It’s a beautiful city for travel.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


LuXun was born on 25, September, 1981. He was a famous writer; his articles have been translated into many languages and sold around world. He once studied in a private school. The wooden desk he used has put in a Chinese museum. Because it has a story about the desk.

When LuXun was 13, his father got a serious illness then his family was poorer and poorer. He did all the housework and bought medicine for his father before he went to class. One day, he was too busy to go to class on time. The teacher was very angry with him and the teacher said: “Don’t come to class if you are late again.” LuXun was sad and didn’t explain. He came back to his seat and carved the word “early” on his desk. He made a promise in his heart that he will not be late again. The word encouraged his life to advance all the time.

In China, we often can see his articles in the school books, but it’s a pity he died early.